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Gameday Preview: North Dakota State at IU

November 12th, 2012 at 3:53 PM
By Evan Reller

Tonight, IU will host North Dakota State. This is just another tune up game for the Hoosiers, but the team has a bit of a history and they should provide a better challenge than Bryant did.

Expect more of the same for IU. We have a good idea about the type of pace IU can run from the game against Bryant. We know that they will look to beat up opponents in the paint.

What we want to see in this game is continued improvement from freshmen and roll players. We’d also like to see IU play with a bit more control and hit a higher percentage of its three point shots.

Since 2006, North Dakota State has gone 2-2 against ranked opponents, including a Maquette team coached by Tom Crean.

The Bison run a defense that is similar to Wisconsin’s, due to head coach Saul Philips ties with Bo Ryan. They want to make IU settle for jump shots and limit chances in the paint. They have a tendency to hold the ball on offense and wait for the best shot possible.

IU will have to be patient and limit the up tempo offense to fast breaks. That said, this should still be a one sided game favoring IU.

This is most definitely a tune up game for the Hoosiers, and they will have one more before the schedule starts to get a big difficult.

The game can be seen at We will be live tweeting throughout, so don’t forget to follow us @hoosiers101

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