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Indiana Hoosiers Defeat Michigan Wolverines: After the Buzzer

February 4th, 2013 at 3:16 PM
By Evan Reller

No. 3 Indiana took a hot start against No. 1 Michigan and used it to cruise to what seemed like an easy win. IU ended up winning 81-73 and never trailed the Wolverines. 

Since the win the new polls have come out and the two teams have switched places. Indiana (20-2, 9-1) is now No. 1 and Michigan (20-2, 7-2) dropped to No. 3. Florida is sandwiched between the teams at No. 2. 

Coach Tom Crean came up with an exceptional game plan to lock down Michigan's role players. For those who have said he can't coach, they need look no further than this game. 

IU broke down Michigan at both ends of the court. 

Let's take a look at some key factors from the game:

The Good

  • IU went 22-of-25 from the free throw line. The Hoosiers have a knack for drawing fouls and have won or put games away from the line. IU also played a very clean game against Michigan and the Wolverines only attempted seven free throws. 
  • Trey Burke had to take 24 shots to get 25 points. Burke had been connecting on about 50 percent of his shots, but against IU he hit just 37.5 percent of his shots. He was essentially locked down all night by a combination of Yogi Ferrel, Victor Oladipo, and Will Sheehey. Burke's ability to penetrate was taken away as IU did a great job on help defense by simply moving slightly into his running lanes. Hopefully the Hoosier's will be able to replicate these results in a few weeks. 
  • The defense IU played on the rest of Michigan's team. Outside of Tim Hardaway Jr. and Burke, no one scored more than 10 points for the Wolverines. Nik Stauskas was held to just 3-of-10 shooting for 10 points. The other three starters were 6-for-19. It was an exceptional defensive outing for IU. 
  • Cody Zeller was, well, Cody Zeller. He recorded another double-double and led IU in scoring with 19 points. But he was a force on the offensive glass. He only recorded four offensive rebounds, but they were all put-back dunks after missed shots. 

The Bad

  • Turnovers. IU coughed up the ball 16 times. For an offense like Michigan, that is far to many extra possessions. IU gave it up 11 times in the first half, but just 5 in the second. A definite improvement, but it shouldn't have been that bad to begin with. There were far too many times that players simply couldn't handle passes and it slipped through their fingers and out of bounds. 
  • Too many Michigan runs. It was clear from the start that IU was probably going to win the game, and give credit to Michigan that they never rolled over and died, but it was frustrating. For as prolific as IU's offense is, there are far to many times when they get cocky or lazy and end up taking bad shots or have empty possessions. It has gotten better, but needs to keep trending upward. Especially infuriating were the three straight three pointers late in the game that could have been a problem if IU (read: Jordan Hulls and Ferrell) iced the game from the free throw line. 
  • Oladipo's missed dunk. I'm still upset his missed that ally-oop. It would have been the dunk of the century. He was even upset after missing it. Even though he missed the dunk, the fact that he was so close shows you just how athletic he really is. The man is a freak of nature and its looking more and more like he will be in the NBA next season. 

The Exceptional

  • Ferrell had a great night against the best player he'll face all year. Burke is the best point guard in the country and Ferrell was more than up to the task of handling him. His two early fouls were regrettable (and questionable) but with him out there and being guarded by Burke, the offense was humming along. His back-to-back early three pointers gave IU a huge momentum swing early and his eight free throws in a row at the end of the game sealed the victory. 
  • Jeremy Hollowell is finally getting basketball. Hollowell had his best game of the season, by far. He only had four points but also had four rebounds an assist and three block. All against just one turnover. I have long said he could be a big contributor as he was generally the most dynamic player on his AAU team (the one that featured Ferrrell, Hanner Perea, and Peter Jurkin).

Indiana now sits on top of the Big Ten, but has a tough week ahead if they plan on staying there. The Hoosiers will be at Illinois on Thursday and then on the road again at No. 10 Ohio State (who beat Michigan earlier this season) on Sunday.

For the past six weeks, the No. 1 ranked team has lost so it appears that the Hoosiers have their work cut out for them. For now, they can revel in beating another No. 1 and taking over the top spot.

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