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Indiana Hoosiers Men’s Basketball Class of 2013

February 23rd, 2013 at 7:26 PM
By Evan Reller

The Indiana Hoosiers have one of the top recruiting classes in the country coming to Bloomington this fall. IU has the third best 2013 class. 

Yesterday we took a look at the pro potential of four Hoosiers who probably won't be with the program next fall. Today we'll take a look at the incoming freshmen and the impact they will have on the program going forward. 

Coach Tom Crean has had an excellent streak recruiting extremely talented players. He has gotten players that we haven't seen since the days of Bob Knight, and he is doing it legally (unlike Kelvin Sampson did). 

The class features a 5-star, three 4-stars, and two 3-star players. Only two of the players are from Indiana this time around. The class contains four players in ESPN's Top 100. 

Let's look at the future Hoosiers. 

Noah Vonleh, power forward, 6-9 220-lbs. Haverhill, Mass. 

Vonleh is the headliner of the 2013 class. He is a 5-star recruit and generally listed as the seventh best player in the country. He was recently invited to the McDonald's All-American Game and the Jordan Brand Classic Game. He has continued to show improvement year-to-year and he is still growing. He is exceptional with the ball in his hands and can create his own shot. He is also an exceptional rebounder. He is a great scorer and can find the basket in a variety of ways and is especially adept at scoring through contact. 

He needs to work on his decision making as a defender as he has a tendency to end up in foul trouble, outside of that he is an excellent defender. He also needs to work on his range as a shooter (see: Victor Oladipo) and get more consistent shooting from outside of 15-feet. 

Vonleh should start for the Hoosiers next season. The problem may be his reliance on moves that work in high school and not in college (see: Jeremy Hollowell and Hanner Mosquera-Perea). 

Troy Williams, small forward, 6-7 190-lbs. Hampton, Vir. (Oak Hill Academy) 

Williams is a 4-star recruit with a lot of potential. He is long and lanky and appears to still be growing into his body. At 190-pounds he is going to need to add weight, but that shouldn't be a problem based on past results (See: Cody Zeller and Yogi Ferrell). He is very good on defense and his length lets him play the passing lanes, earning deflections (we know how much Crean loves those) and steals. He has good range as a shooter, but can be a bit streaky.

Needs to work on just about every aspect of the game from shooting, to dribbling, and rebounding. He has all the tools and has shown flashes, but needs to get on a consistent level. He could be the next Oladipo for IU as he continues to improve. 

Luke Fischer, center, 6-9 200-lbs. Germantown, Wis. 

Fischer is another 4-star recruit with a huge upside. Its hard to watch him play and not be reminded of Zeller. He has great touch around the basket and is surprisingly mobile for someone with his size. He could certainly run the up-tempo offense that Crean has been using this season. He has all of the fundamental skills that you would expect of a post player and can score in multiple ways. 

He needs to put on some weight, especially in the Big Ten, and will get pushed around a lot if he doesn't. He also needs to work on fine tuning his post moves. If he wants to have success at IU he will also need to improve his rebounding skills as he doesn't quite put up the numbers that he should. 

If Zeller goes pro, he could be a good replacement. If Zeller stays then he won't get much play time. 

Stanford Robinson, small forward, 6-4 175-lbs. Fairfax, Vir. 

Robinson rounds out the 4-star recruits for the 2013 class. He is a talented wing that has shown visable improvement from game to game. While listed as a small forward, he will play shooting guard at IU. He has a consistent shot and good range and is a solid defender that can take on multiple positions. He is very good at moving around the court without the ball in his hands in an effort to set up an easy basket. 

He has a tendency to not be aggressive and often lets the ball come to him. He needs to work on demanding the ball and using his athleticism to get to the rim. He is a high percentage shooter and is very smart about what shots he takes. 

Some have questioned his attitude and how it could lead to overconfidence. Crean doesn't tolerate showmanship and if he wants quality minutes, will stuff his ego quick. 

Devin Davis, small forward, 6-6 200-lbs. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Davis is a 3-star recruit and the first of the two local players. He is very athletic and can get to the rim with ease. He is very good at finishing around the basket and is able to take most players off the dribble. He is a very good rebounder for his size as well. Davis is an aggressive defender with a high motor. 

He isn't that consistent of a shooter and would perfer to finish closer to the rim. 200-pounds might be an overstatement as it is clear that he needs to add muscle to his body. Davis really needs to work on his jumper to take his game to the next level. 

Davis possess some similar tools to that of Oladipo when he first arrived in Bloomington. This isn't to say he will be the same, but he does have potential. 

Collin Hartman, small forward, 6-5 200-lbs. Fishers, Ind. 

Hartman rounds out the 2013 class and is another 3-star recruit. His greatest strength is his outside shot and consistency from three-point range. He can create his own shot and still hit the jumper. 

He doesn't have a huge upside athletically and has a tendency to get beat off the dribble on defense. He also needs to improve his strength to play in the Big Ten. 

He won't make an impact his freshman year and will definitely be a four year player. He bears some resemblance to Will Sheehey in terms of play style (but without the mouth). He could be a solid sixth man for IU down the road. 

Indiana is set up with another outstanding class next season (and beyond). This is an outstanding class that will either add a few starters to the roster or a tremendous amount of depth. 

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